My Library

Of Blogs:

I really enjoy this blog…it’s about food, which just plain makes me happy.

I love Beth Moore…there I’ve said it. So Beth in Blog form? It works for me. 

Of Music:

Jesus Culture “Your Love Never Fails”…this CD never gets old. I sing along at the top of my lungs. If you need to sing some victory, invest in this one.

Chris Tomlin “Hello Love”…you can say Chris Tomlin is cliche, but really, I think he does an amazing job of writing and singing music that people can worship with. He’s always a go-to-guy for me.

Natasha Bedingfield “Pocketful of Sunshine”…I need a new copy of this cd. Because I have There are songs that make me so happy and songs that feel so honest. And her voice is ridiculous.

Of Books:

“In His Steps”…this book challenged me like few others have. It is a must must must read…what would Jesus do? That’s the question that this book challenges me with over and over again.

“The Case for Christ”…I like to be able to talk about Christianity on a Spiritual level, but on a logical one too. This book has been a great tool.

“The Problem of Pain” by C.S.Lewis…totally honest, maybe a little uncomfortable. I feel like this book just shows that Christians struggle with loss and pain. Even C.S.Lewis did. But that doesn’t change who God is.


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