Eleven Days…

Today I decided to write a quick post. Because I haven’t in like a million years. And because I’m getting married  in 11 days. And because I think about this blog all the time and regret I don’t make the time to post.

I’ll be back soon, I promise. Back to talking about Esther and all the thoughts that have been bumping around in my brain for the last month. It’s all coming. But first, I’m getting married.

This past month has been crazy…so many great things, so many struggles, so much joy, and a little pain. My grandma’s been really sick, my mom’s been struggling with a back injury, and work’s been tough. But I’m getting married, we bought a beautiful house, and I’m about to start living with my best friend and love of my life. Life is sweet.

You know what this season has taught me? That life isn’t always perfect. It’s not that simple. It’s usually a cocktail of good and bad, easy and tough…and that’s ok. I serve a God who has given me grace and His very prescence to get me through the bad and tough. And He’s given me a thankful spirit and again, His prescence, for the good and easy.

So that’s my super quick thought. Never forget that our God is one who loves us everywhere on the journey, everywhere on the rollercoaster. Talk to you soon…after the wedding, after the honeymoon, after the huge moments I’ve been counting down to for 24 years. And now, it’s eleven days away!

Eleven…[ten, nine, eight…]


~ by tatteredsoldier on March 29, 2011.

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