If You Build It…

I’ve been waiting. For a lot of things. For a long time.

First, there’s the wedding…I can’t wait to be married! And it feels like I’ve been waiting for April to come forever!

Then, there’s other things…waiting to find a place that I can call both my “job” and my “calling”, waiting for things to feel better at church (or to hear a “time to move on” from God), waiting for our house to finally go into closing so we can move all our stuff in, waiting, waiting, waiting.

Well, last night I got to think a lot about waiting. On a rare night when Jim and I weren’t together, I sat down with my parents to watch “Field of Dreams”. I’m a huge fan of baseball, so this movie has always held a special place in my heart. But last night, it reminded me of some important things. I know it’s unconventional and unusual of me to not by talking about a specific verse or story from the Bible, but this is an unconventional and unsual season of my life, so I guess it works.

The main character in “Field of Dreams”, Ray, is out in his corn field when he suddenly hears a voice saying “If you build it, he will come”. That first calling leads him to eventually build a baseball field where his corn crop had once been. People think he’s crazy. No one gets it. The field doesn’t make sense. In fact, it almost drives his family to bankruptcy. But he builds it anyway, because he is so sure it’s what the voice told him to do.

I always thought that he built the field and baseball players immediately showed up. That’s the way I remembered it. But in fact, months and months go by. The field is covered by snow and a new season starts before anyone ever shows up. Ray sits, looking out the window, WAITING for something, anything to happen out on that field.

Once the players finally come, Ray is a bit validated. But the story doesn’t end. The voice calls again, leading him to meet more people and do more crazy things until he finally realizes what it all was leading to. One day, on that field, he meets up with his father. His father who he never really knew. And in that moment, he sees that the journey has taught him a lot: about faith, about himself and about his dad.  He realizes that, if he hadn’t listened to the voice and done what he was asked, he would have never had the chance to meet his Father and make his peace with him.

This story really reminded me of the value of two things: being patient and following your calling: of knowing that sometimes, God’s voice is clear, and sometimes it asks for something a little crazy. Sometimes, there are a lot of little steps to get to the ultimate goal. And you have to take every one if you’re going to get to the destination.

And, sometimes, it takes a while to feel validated. It’s not always an immediate reward. Sometimes, you just have to build a field and wait for the players to come, no matter how long it takes.

Yesterday, I was sitting in a meeting at work and I realized that all we were talking about was ways to make money: how to make it, how to make a lot, how to make more, etc. And I felt so frustrated…so like I didn’t belong. I know I’m called to serve people, not to make money. I have a mission, a calling, a direction from the voice of God Himself.

This season is a time of waiting for me. But it’s also a time of obedience. It’s time to turn hearing into action and to see where the Lord leads. When I was sitting in that meeting, I felt a little like Ray in the corn field. Like I should look over my shoulder and listen harder. Because I could have sworn I heard a voice.


~ by tatteredsoldier on January 21, 2011.

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